We hate Monday

The most miserable time of a week must be Sunday evening, just because the next day is Monday, you must head back to work, to job, to school, to company, to usual thing like the period Mon-Fri, and we afraid of it.

Why can’t we find something interesting inside that time? Due to it, we have knowledge, we have money, and most of all, thanks to the working time, we know the value of ralaxing and the weekend. If we just live like weekend every day, there will be not good thing to be gain… all of us know that, but the feeling is unchanged.

What did I do today? Mot much, and I mentioned above, I don’t like tomorrow, Monday, but it’s obviously true that I must go to the place I must go, I must do the work I must do whether I like it or not. Today I didn’t do the domestic works like my roommate did: he cleaned the motos, he helped those girls to prepare for the meal, he had a haircut. What about me? Turned on computer, downloaded tons of ebooks, learned a few new French words (unlike usual things, hehe). They’re: prudent, audacieux, hardiment, indolant … and the word indolant is exactly describing me. /no need looking up dictionary, it means lazy doing nothing/

Oh Monday, I want to crush you.


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