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Some hand writing/drawing fonts for your creativity

Ok, here we go again, doing what we love in our free time: designing.

Today I collect some of the best and free handwriting fonts all over the internet and tested them myself.

Thanks to these sites where I picked those fonts:

Also I give, for certain font, the idea that we can use with it.


Rounded and cute, big enough to apply styles in Photoshop, good for banners.

Mosaic Leaf:

Awesome for FB cover image, book covers

Love & Trust

This font can be found handy when use for caption and quotation images because of its readability: clear, not so complicated and perfect in one-line text

Free wallpapers: Calanques de Sugiton

I took these pictures this summer when I went on a trip in the southern of France, and the name of the place is “Calanques de Sugiton”, translated into English, it means “Sugiton Cliff”. The scene here is very beautiful so I decided to share some redesign pictures as wallpapers (totally free). I made several styles so you can easily choose from them.

All have resolution 1920×1200 so it can fit almost every screen size.

Sugiton1920v01 Sugiton1920v03 Sugiton1920v02



List of 5 (-1) apps you need on your Ubuntu as a newbie programmer

Everybody is not the same, but I assume that when you move to Linux in general, and Ubuntu in particular (Kubuntu, Xubuntu etc…), you will work with code, terminal .. a lot. So here is a list of very necessary apps that definitely should be installed on your lovely ubuntu machine. I’ll pass Synaptic Package Manager since it’s very popular (but it’s not installed by default for fresh Ubuntu, at least 12.04, I haven’t try another Ubuntu’s version yet), or ThunderBird, I will concentrate on apps that are useful, but probably not 100% people will know.

1. Ubuntu Tweak:

Don’t understand why it’s still not put in official ubuntu repository, since it’s really useful and give us a lot of shortcuts to system utilities: clean cache, modify desktop etc…

Link to apps:

2. VLC player: (all people know it)

This is a big, generous guy that does stuff smoothly, and this is one of the reasons why opensource users should be proud of: support almost every file type, fast, a lot of tools to play with. On Windows, before VLC, I use Media Classic, I also try WinAmp, Foobar, WMP, but with VLC, I forget them right away (and android users, FYI, VLC is available for you too)

3. System Indicator:

Ubuntu leaves us a system tray to put there useful informations, one of them should be the system indicator

Install it by

sudo apt-get install indicator-multiload

This will show us the CPU, Memory, Network… usage information as a dynamic diagram, also provide us a shortcut to system-monitor, just like Task Manager in Windows.

4. Geany IDE:

We can call this a text editor, but the way Geany helps us coding Python and some other languages is just genius. Clean text, easy commenting, intergrated terminal with clean view etc make it better for developper than gEdit, also, it’s easier than VIM. If it helps we do the jobs, it’s useful, just that simple.

Geany can be found in Ubuntu Software Center with ‘geany’ keyword.

5. Right Click Open Terminal here in nautilus.

If you’re using GNOME desktop and nautilus as your default file explorer, then the tool ‘Open in terminal’ in the context menu when clicking right click when you’re in some folder turns out to be extremely useful, trust me. The terminal will be open right there, with the path already into that folder, no need Ctrl+Alt+T and cd to that folder.

That utility can be installed by

sudo apt-get install nautilus-open-terminal

After installation is finished, restart nautilus, you’ll see that option when right-clicking in the folder, pretty awesome, huh? I stop at this point, there are still a lot of other apps (free + paid) but 5 is a nice number. Next time we’ll talk a bit about C++, Android tools, and some graphics tool for Presentation and Illustration.

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