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Add PATH in Linux

For a custom built/compiled package, normally Linux won’t recognize it be default (like just typing matlab to open matlab).
There is a simple trick to do that (I play with Linux for almost 2 years but I just discovered this, how lame):
1. Copy the palce of the BIN folder (where the execute file located).
2. In home folder, Ctrl+ H to reveal hidden file, search for .bashrc
3. Edit it by adding this line:
export PATH=’path to dir’:$PATH
4. Then log out and log in again.
5. Enjoy, and feel like a genius.

Xem thông tin hệ thống thông qua Terminal trong Ubuntu

Đăng thông tin hệ thống là một trong những việc cần làm khi mô hình hóa, trong Windows thì ai cũng biết, còn trong Linux, đặc biệt là kết nối SSH thông qua terminal, không chỉ đơn giản là click chuột nữa mà phải code. Sau đây là một số code để xem thông tin hệ thống máy:

Graphics card – Card đồ họa:
glxinfo – details about OpenGL, the Xserver, and your graphics card
glxinfo | grep direct – do you have direct 3d rendering?
glxinfo | grep vendor – graphics card vendor
lspci | grep VGA – specific graphics card model
glxgears – a simple 3d benchmark, prints frame rate to the terminal
xrandr – supported display resolutions

Audio – âm thanh:
lspci | grep Audio – audio controller
aplay –list-devices – more audio device information

Software versions – phiên bản phần mềm:
cat /etc/issue – current distribution and version
apt-cache showpkg packagename – packagename’s version and dependencies
uname -r – Linux kernel version
uname -a – all kernel details

Networking – mạng:
lspci | grep Ethernet – Ethernet controllers
ifconfig – networking interfaces, IP addresses, and more

Processor – vi xử lý (quan trọng nhất):
cat /proc/cpuinfo – all processors, clock speeds, flags, and more
cat /proc/loadavg – processor load average for the last 1, 5, and 15 minutes
top – press C key to sort processes by CPU usage

Memory – bộ nhớ ram:
cat /proc/meminfo – amount of RAM and swap, and how much is being used for what
free -m – total, used, and free memory shown in MB
top – press M key to sort processes by memory usage

Hard disks – ổ cứng:
df -H – partitions, as well as their mount-points and usage in GB
sudo fdisk -l – all partitions, their device names, and positions on disk

USB devices – thiết bị kết nối USB:
lsusb – USB buses and attached devices

Even more:
lshal -m – monitor for hardware changes
lspci – all PCI devices
hwinfo –short (install from package hwinfo) – overview of all hardware, as well as more detailed info
lshw – another program for listing hardware
lshw -html | w3m -T text/html – lists hardware with HTML output in the w3m web browser
uptime – current time elapsed since last reboot, users, and load average

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