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Side note: Linux + Windows 8

To boot Linux, enable the Legacy Boot Option. (ignore the raid notification for the mean time)

To boot Windows 8: reactivate UEFI boot mode. (Win8 seems slower though, maybe no more SSD’s strong points).

I hate this world.


Tuesday. Set goals until Friday. (12/7/2010)

+Finish the sketch autocad file of the beam of the basement.
+Choosing the ground details and foundation properties.
+Print out the TFC test and read.
+Managing the CAD file. Finish the column sketch.
+Read book about foundation design and pile disign. Planning the Plaxis’ installation.
+Manage books on Nexus about photography and android development.
+Finish the floor sketch. (modify the distance of the beam, choose the reinforcement again for economic reason).
+Read some books about French grammar.
+Back up file and send to mediafire.
+Read again about the foundation. Design the foundation (1.5m)
+Revise the knowledge about soil.
+Write something here.
(The free time between those work, doing some secret plan, hope so).
Busy and boring but must-do period.

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