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Power of words

Long time ago I admitted that a picture is worth thousand words, but a picture with good caption is much funnier, here is an example:

From this

To this


My husband once liked a picture of a really cute girl, it was the girlfriend of a friend. She wants to start a model career and her boyfriend ask for support. I am so jealous :3
I ask why he like it, just for support or because she is so pretty. He looked at me a while and then unliked the pictures. I think in his mind he was like “oh shit oh shit oh shit”
I´m sorry sometimes we women are evil.

Tội thằng chồng quá =))))


Married people always ask when you’re getting married like they get points for recruiting to their club of misery.


Tiên ông là gì?

Tiên ông là gì?

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