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Free wallpapers: Calanques de Sugiton

I took these pictures this summer when I went on a trip in the southern of France, and the name of the place is “Calanques de Sugiton”, translated into English, it means “Sugiton Cliff”. The scene here is very beautiful so I decided to share some redesign pictures as wallpapers (totally free). I made several styles so you can easily choose from them.

All have resolution 1920×1200 so it can fit almost every screen size.

Sugiton1920v01 Sugiton1920v03 Sugiton1920v02



Silence is golden artworks

I create it to test my skill of coloring and arranging objects in a picture. It looks good, and give me some good feelings.

The first one is the simpler work, the second, I added some lighting effects and curves under the text to make it more glamourous.


Silence is golden typo ver 1


Silence is golden typo ver 2

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