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How did I install YADE for source code

The way

sudo apt-get install yade


sudo apt-get install yade-stable

is history. Now I have to work with CPP code, and I really have some trouble installing some of that shit, but finally it seems to be working.

First: download the source code at: or whatever link (CPP and HPP file that you are using with yade-daily can be modified or copied later, or you can download the yade-daily package, not sure, none of my business right now)

Then extract the zip file downloaded into a folder.

Open terminal inside that folder and run this:

cmake -C path_to_that_folder

Wait for the terminal to work, and wait for cmake to prepare necessary files, if somethings happen, it’s because of the missing package, view in the terminal, search for the key words of the package and install them from Synaptic (thanks God this Synaptic is on Earth, installing from terminal and code is like hell)

Once finish, cmake again, and run:

make install

what is being waited for is a list and percentage of CPP files are being configure (compiled).

That’s that. Continue my research.

Definition: Unbalanced Force

Compute the ratio of mean (or maximum, if use MaxForce) summary force on bodies and maximum force magnitude on interactions. For perfectly static equilibrium, summary force on all bodies is zero (since forces from interactions cancel out and induce no acceleration or particles); this ratio will tend to zero as simulation stabilizes, though zero is never reached because of finite precision computation. Sufficiently small value can be e.g. 1e-2 or smaller, depending on how much  equilibrium it should be.

-Yade document-

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