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Five things kill your site

As a co-admin of a forum and a blog WordPress, I found this post useful and want to move it into my blog. Today there are many books and inspirations that tell us the right way to do things, but life isn’t easy, so, learning from the losing experiences is much more effective than “traditional” inspiration.

You can found the original post here:

A high availability website: It’s all about expensive redundant hardware with top of the line load balancers and an enterprise class SAN, right? Well, not necessarily.

There are several cheap or free steps you can take to ensure uptime before you splash your cash on lots of kit. If you’re not taking these steps you are wasting your money on your redundant hardware. Here are my top five things that bring sites down, in rough order of likeliness …

  1. Change
  2. Unexpected load
  3. Slow death
  4. Time related issues
  5. Hardware failure

Starting from the top, here is my explanation of each of these categories, together with ways to minimise the chance of it happening to your site.



The revenge is not completedly successful.
i made a error, 2L, what a shame =_=.

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