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Some useful social bookmarking plug-in for WordPress

All people who blog know that social bookmarking is a powerful and easy way to make more visits to blog, among them there’re wordpress user. If you’re love your reader, you can help them bookmark your blog easily, so, these plug-ins are worth trying for.

Để tăng độ nổi tiếng của blog, cách dễ nhất là đưa những bài blog của chúng ta lên những trang bookmark (một trong những trang của VN ta là Việc bookmark trong Wp sẽ trở nên dễ dàng nếu ta cài đặt thêm những plugin sau cho blog WP

  1. Sexy bookmark
    Today all bloggers, and readers also, love sexy thing (as a normal desire), making bookmarking sexy, that means making your blogs sexy.
  2. I love social bookmarking
    This plugin helps bookmark becomes booookmark! Things become easy and lovely.
  3. Sociable
    This is a multi-bookmarker, there’re some more bookmarking site that I haven’t ever known. If you love the quantity, take this!

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