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Forever Autumn

My name belongs to Spring. I love the leaves of the Summer, I was born close to the Winter (October) but Autumn is always my favorite season of the year: silent and fresh air, calm water of the lake, gentle wind strokes though my hair.

This song made me sad a little, as time goes by. So I made this picture to say hello to it while listening to the music. Feel free to use in your blog.



My new PS showcase


I haven’t found any tutorial for long.

I just use my old techniques.

The effect is quite good, but I just can’t stand the feeling that my recent results is not as good as what I did before.

Anyway, here is the picture:

On the top of the plateau

I will not provide the source image, ‘cuz the initial file if much … better. : (

I noticed that there’s some stain on her left hand, I fixed it.

Next try

A little text


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