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[Inspiration] Motion Design

Đây là một nhánh thiết kế khá thú vị, thấy hay hay nên bưng về blog coi cho vui.

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Paint screen


Coffee App

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Good programming fonts

To begin with, I’m not professional programmers.

There there, you’re a painful programmer and you really care about the font of your code editor, I see. So I collect a few advices from all over the world and put them here.

The important point of the programming font is easy to read, neat and last but not least, the difference between 0 (zéro) and o (or O), you see, with the font of this blog post: 0o0 is a pain in the eye. and on the keyboard, O and zero are placed near each other.

1. Consolas:

Highly recommended by programmers and experts, I see if you love fat font, you can choose this.



2. Ubuntu Mono Regular:

If you’re on Linux, well I guess and hope so, Linux is a perfect place for coding. This font go with the system, and even (this is a small notice) the Space and the Point is greatly defferent if you choose to show the space (this is an option in gEdit, mostly depends on editing theme)


3. Pragmata Pro™:

Just found it this morning, look good to my eyes and I’m kinda like it, one disappointing point is that the space highlight is not so good but anyway, still better than a lot of others)


I recommended only 3 fonts I used and I’m satisfied with what they gave me. Right now my choice is the 3rd.

Hope you find your most favorite and productivitive one.

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