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Dòng sông chảy trong em

Không phải cuốn sách nào cũng dễ đọc.

Tương tự, không phải bài hát nào cũng dễ nghe.


Chỉ cần đọc một đoạn thôi là đủ,

hay chỉ cần cái điệp khúc.

Giống như Cuộc săn cừu hoang, và River flows in you.

Some plus/minus buttons

I’ve just created some basics button for some programmers to embed into their program.
Here it is:

Back from journey, ready for work, feeling refilled and seeing life through a new more lovely lens.

I thought that I would have stayed at home during the ferie, but in the end, I decided to make a journey to the hometown of my friend at the college. All I thought is just to change the atmosphere and to find some fresh air, cuz life in this city is polluted, too much people and laziness.
Now I’d headed back to the city, I feel better, thanks to the fresh air, the unpopulated town, and the most important is the time being with Syou. You always have the simplest methods to raise me up and you always get amazing success in making me happy and peaceful.

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