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Here you are – by raze

Here you are - by raze

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Love your parents.

Don’t waste your parents’ money

As an adolescent, all of us live on the money of our parents, they work hard to feed us, to give us chances to learn and to prepare a good foundation for our future. We who well grew up must feel thankful to our parents because they’ve give us love, chances, money and so much more things that there isn’t enough words to describe.

Sometimes we found that they’re the old-time persons, sometime we found that their point of view block us from going to faster and more productive way of work, but believe me, they’re just do good stuffs for us, not to prevent us from develop and improve ourselves.

As a student, all fees are expensive, and most of us have our fees paid by our father and mother, if you’re just don’t care about them, just learn as if you were a goofball and waste what you had been given. If you’re a good man, you think you know humanity’s purposes, let use their supply effectively, do not waste their money for doing useless things, let their cherish be satisfied because you’re their son and daughter.

As a man, we know that someday our parents will leave us, so let’s love them, be good, and bring them the best you can do.
And I know, for sure, we love our parents.

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