All of us, who are human, usually think we’re stupid and unlucky, but it’s the reason why you must try harder and harder. Whether you want it or not, even hate it so bad, you must think about that, you must learn those things, or you’ll be left behind, no one pay attention to you. But, the reason, the destination of the learning process is obviously not to be noticed by people; you learn hard to catch up with your friends, to catch up with the people all over the world whom you don’t know. It’s just humanity and archivements of life.

For example, talk about web programming, since 2006, I’ve thought that I would learn CSS (a kind of web programming language) but up-to-now, 2010, my knowledge about it is nearly zero, what should I do now? Life changes, you’re changed. Although I still have that idea inside my mind, but for 4 years I still couldn’t pay at least 1 hour concentrating on what I want to do. But I did many things in this period, and I am glad.

I realised one thing that I must accept my life, and when I accept it, I enjoy my life better, maybe without CSS, maybe without Japanese, maybe without those expensive gadgets, I still have all the world.

Yes, I stilll have all the world. And you too.


Comments on: "They are updated daily, monthly. It’s only us." (2)

  1. Hey, the drawing is cute :X
    I love the way you are now. Maybe our own world is not perfect, but it’s the best world for us >:D<


  2. linkgreencold said:

    You know, :D, all my sources of inspiration like this are coming from you. :* (guese where is this kiss landing :]])


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