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Vista’s secret: Control panel shortcut

You can access the categories of the control panel by Start Menu -> Control panel and choose the one you need. Another way to go to your destination is press the key-combination [Windows]+R (The Run command) and inset these text to open:

Ta có thể mở các mục trong Control panel của Vista bằng cách thông qua menu start, nhưng có một cách khác, sẽ nhanh hơn nếu chúng ta có thể thuộc (;]]) đó là dùng lệnh Run và gõ các lệnh tương ứng sau:

Add hardware wizard: hdwwiz.cpl (or simply hdwwiz)

Administrative Tool: control admintools

DatenTime: timedate.cpl

Display Setting: desk.cpl

Device manager: devmgmt.msc

Disk manager: diskmgmt.msc

Folder Options: control folders

Fonts: control fonts

Programs and features: appwiz.cpl

Regional and language Option: control international

Sound: mmsys.cpl

Task Scheduler: control schedtasks

…and many more, but that’s enough.

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