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What do you have to notice to prepare for a website?

Designing a new website is the passion for those pro designers, but it can be a nightmare for the novices. To avoid getting scared and bored, you must be well prepared for the new project.
So, what do you need?

1.A color scheme.

A color palette

A color scheme is a set of colour that you will rely on it to design the whole website. It can create the main mood for the visitor, to express the idea of the site owner, and some different interesting things.
What does a color scheme depend?
-The designer’s idea and style.
-The main content of the site (the purpose for creating the site)
Whatever kind of color scheme you have, you must use it correctly, do not distract from it.
You can get pro scheme from the color palette communities, like kuler or you can search throught the search engine with the keyword “color palette”. Outside there’re thousands of designers from novice to pro ready to help your choose the right thing.

This example ofcolor palette is too much for a site. Normally, we should use a palette of about 4 or 5 colors.

2.A layout:

Well, beside color, which attracts the rightside brain of the viewer, the layout has a little more scientific. According to the constance in ratio between space and table etc.. you must choose the right size for them, where they will be put on the site.
Moreover, it’s the typography of the site, what’s kind of font family you gonna use, the size of the header, the body text, serif or not, line spacing … make this readable, please.
Choosing good layout means the layout go well with the color scheme you’d chosen. It depends on you.

3.A draft on paper:

You can say that you only need PC, but like anything else (project on designing, drawing) you need a real idea to bring with you anywhere (ofcourse you work on it, you must put it in mind always), and the fact that when you show your idea to the site owner, you must express in paper, do not think that they will think you are more pro when show them by files and artworks in your modern laptop. The technique of drawing by hand is very important.

4. Skill in coding:

If you’re not a GUI designer, you must master the CSS and HTML, for what? For realizing your idea, the basic HTML page you create from Adobe Photoshop looks like a mess, ’cause you just cut out the image, and the programme arrange it for you “in image”. No. By using CSS, the size of the site will decrease, that means the browsing speed when the site is published will increase.

Some inspiration for you:

5. Logo:

Logo? Important!

Logo is an important element of a website, especially business. And most of the cases you create the color scheme based on the logo. Take a look on logo’s size, color, place, content, and work well with the slogan.
You’ll be inspired by the examples in these community:

Well that’s a little of my knowledge, I learn them all by myself. I’ll improve my techniques later.

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