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Free resources for your design

Here is my collection of free stuff that you can get from and use in your design project:

1. Texture and pattern:

While dinpattern provides you with seamless, synthesize-like pattern, lostandtaken provide you big image, you can use this as an overlay image for your photoblending or the background for and typo artwork, you decide your creative idea.

2. Fonts:

Fonts are beautiful, from this site, you can get your free font and more unique, neater than dafont or other free sites, the amount is not decent as dafont and others, but it will give you better choice and might boost up some ideas in your head.

3. Vector and brush:

In this two sites, the first one will lead you to a subscription and they will give you free stuff via emails, yeah email subscription will one day become a nuisance but you can unsubscribe anytime and the author is a nice person. The next one is totally free and the brushes you download is for photoshop, you might find some very interesting brush there.

4. Miscellaneous stuff:

This one is a market that you have to pay to get stuff, but every wekk they give away 6 random products, and if you have  an account there, you can buy and own and copyright for future use. Good news? Registration is free of charge.

Happy designing!

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