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Revisit Maths after the hiatus

It’s been a long time since I last read any maths related document. Now it’s time to revisit some ‘casse-tête’ theories and algorithms.

Here is what appear in the document I’m studying:

Lagrange multiplier

Taylor series (sometimes I forget, silly me)

Tensor (admittedly, I hate this, but it’s everywhere in my life now)

Those are the basic, now let’s read some journals:

Annals of Mathematics: a super high research level, reading them to know you’re still nothing (The name Princeton reminds you something?).

American Maths Monthly: very interesting maths journal from America.

Epsilon/Pi/Maths and Youth (free/pirated): Vietnamese maths journal. Epsilon is free, and a ‘was’ (the editors stopped and open Pi journal, which is a paid journal, but not too expensive). Maths and Youth is a traditional Vietnamese maths journal, it is a not-so-bad journal (I rate 6/10).



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