I struggled a little bit yesterday when I was working with a revision of my manuscript at Elsevier system. So I want to share some experiences here. Similar explanation is found at Pr. Bartneck blog, my blog post is merely a copy-paste and a personal note with some additional information.

Your first submission as PDF is normally accepted by the editor, however, your revised version should me modifiable source (such as .tex, .docx …). But it is not so simple like that with latex, here is some remarks:

  • Elsevier will compile your text file online to finally give you a PDF version, so do not submit your compiled PDF version in the attachment section, otherwise it will be included in the output PDF. Only .tex file and figures for the manuscript.
  • Do not use directory, because Elsevier Latex Compiler WILL NOT understand it. Otherwise you should put all figures in the same folder as the source file, remove all Figures in includegraphics and it’s good to go.
  • As remarked by professor Christoph Bartneck, do not submit PDF image files, other wise use EPS and other common rasterized format such as PNG and JPEG.
  • The Answer To Reviewers sheet can be included by being set order after the .tex document. The output PDF should contain it. The .docx format is applicable.
  • This is minor remark, but you should remove the linenumber, because (as you knew already I suppose) reviewers and editors would use editor’s generated line numbering.
  • You can zip all your files to single zip file then upload that single file. That way allows you to upload faster and you only have to modify a little bit the order of uploaded files.

Now I understand a little bit why my former supervisor had said that working with Latex to him is a nuisance. I agree with certain level. But we can manage and do not let this nuisance stop you from using latex, it’s always amazing!

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