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Cold winter

It’s amazing how life is. One moment you have the feeling it gives you almost everything, right after that everything is blown away from you, like a cold breeze in the mid winter night.

I know I must be strong and I must do it myself, everyone is the same. At first, I have family, but make sure not to make myself a burden anymore, so I make sure to tell mom and dad when everything is ok (or not?) and what done is done. Besides, I’m not sure whom I call ‘friends’ this whole time, sometimes I have the feeling that people just think for themselves (or always?). My phone is broken, she asked if I can give her the charger. I lost the camera (also my hope and dream in it), he asked me how to edit his fucking photos and laughed about it. I lost that job because he didn’t inform me enough info, until I know it, somehow he said sorry but it’s too late.

It’s sunny outside but it’s fucking cold inside my heart. Everybody goes home.

Anyway, be strong and carry on like I always do, what are lost can be bought again, ill relationship can be forgotten and replaced by better one, awesome jobs are there to find and achieve.

I still have family and a doodler who pay her precious time to draw and cheer me up.



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