Shadow over head

Listening to music when you’re feeling bad seems to be a good choice, but to me it’s a bad choice this morning, when it excatly catched my mood: the shadow of the day.

People feel gloomy because of the monday, because they have to work, on the contrary, for me working is a good thing to do, instead of wasting time on other stuff, but right now there is a dark cloud over my head and it makes me sick.

I detest it when you  tell me that  I don’t understand and it makes me feel stupid, when I compare something together, it’s not like they have to be exactly identical, I talked about the sense, the signal, not the core from a to z, don’t literally put them all together and go into details. The act like that ruins the conversation and the discussion lost its interest and people just leave.

Anyway, thing seems to be complicated and I’d better keep my mouth shut. Talking right now is futile.

And I hate the men who create the motto “Keep calm..”. Fuck it.


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