I must admit that I’m passive recently, no, for too long, until I got to learn something totally new today: Illustrator.

I work mostly in academic world (yeah yeah big head; mathematics all the time), I love programming and computer, but still, Love color and shape, that’s why I tried to learn Photoshop and I know a little, enough to make me happy, also I know something about designing like typography, composition, and photography too.

But with any subject, when we reach our limit, we satisfy with ourselves and stop learning and that’s a bad thing. I always believe that I’m a genius then I can do anything easily in no time, but the fact is, even when you are good but you are lazy, you archive things that are very mediocre. Happily AI made me a totally fool today, it’s just like the first time when I first learning to open a computer.

Anyway, learning and archiving something new, feeling so good right now.

Took me god damn 1 hour to finish

Took me god damn 1 hour to finish


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