I’m talking mainly about photography and some high-tech stuff like drawing tablet (Wacom), smartphone (SS Note or whatever).

Sometimes I cry inside a little when seeing someone owning a Canon 5D mark II but he has only blurry out focus photos in his collection, and the way he maintains his gears is worse: camera full of dust, the lens are full of finger prints… but he still thinks he’s professional. That’s one story.

Another story is when someone complains about sketching, like “I don’t have a tablet, pity”, “I don’t have good equipment” etc. and refuse to make good artwork, but I’m sorry, making a sketch takes you only a plain white paper and a normal piece of pencil (oh well, an eraser is obvious), and to be honest, drawing on paper gives me better feelings than drawing with digital devices (yes it’s has some cons and sometimes inconvenient for post-processing on computer but anyway). There is tool for you to quickly digitalize your sketch, just scan them and trace line in illustrator, tons of tutorials on the internet can help you, here is one example.

The important point here is the ideas that you have, and the most important thing to maintain in your way of making art (or even you’re doing maths and physics just like me) is to keep your having fun when doing something, practising is the best advice I can give. Yet I’m not professional, but I’m always trying to do my best. The idea is so important that you have to give it food everyday, and when your ideas are good to go, then thinking about buying good devices and softwares.

Write, draw, sketch, colour, think, code, take picture… It’s fun then do it, if it’s not fun, do it till you find some fun in it.


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