When being a PhD Student, there is great chance that you think you’re awesome (and you’re really awesome in some ways), but we will have side effect: people tend to disturb you more.

Examples? You know MatLab and you can draw a plot in a very professional style, you do data analysis fast and efficiently, you know Latex, Python, C++, and plenty of other stuffs that others don’t know, obviously, they will ask you to help you.

It’s good to be a nice person, who’s willing to help others, but everyone has their own work, and then, you must be focus on your problem more than anything else. That’s why you need time and space, and silence.

  1. There are so many tutorials online and offline, the library, papers, books, professor, YouTube… that we can learn from there, so if people are asking you about such trivial stuff, navigate them to those free resources, it harms no one, and it gains time for you can your partners.

  2. Their problems are definitely not your problem, and we can not multitask, so, just give them tools, and make them do the work, we are the same level, I’m not your tutor, you are not my son, kinda. So, politely refuse if you have important work to do.

  3. If you work in a lab that has projects, there is great chance that you have to devote your spare time to those works, to gain money but nothing for your academic world. This matters to everybody and truly uneasy to answer or know how to encounter, but at least, do not make them take all your time. Keep yourself healthy, have break time, focus on one work. Do one work after another and healthy in stead of do many works at a same time and feel sick in the end.

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