Noise is not always bad. I don’t mention the annoying sound from other people, but the nature’s sound, like the wind, the cracking fire, the falling rain or even the noise of a working office.
There are some services that give us those noise freely, I mention hereby Noisli and Coffitivity. Together with the introduction, I’ll give the pros and cons I found after long time using them.

+ Noisli:
You can go to this place:
The page has a super simple interface and easy to understand, you can choose the sound you like and then mix them together, and for each sound, you can modify their volume, that’s very interesting and handy.
The site also gives you ability to take note and save as txt extension, but if you have to work on another software/environment, this utility loses its meaning and most of us don’t need that. (seriously)

– A lot of sounds can be chosen from, the mixing ability
– Neat and cute interface
– Don’t have an app for phone, you you need to turn on your computer whenever you want to listen to them while working.
– Sometimes (maybe a lot of time) the sounds disappear and we have to reload the page and then lost all the configuration.

+ Coffitivity:
Here is the place:
The best that I can recommend is this site provides the application for us to use directly on phone, from android to iphone, I tested it on my android phone,working flawlessly. If you don’t understand, the site also provides some information, useful one, explaining why noise can help us boost up the creativity and then productivity. The site have 3 types of noise, from work place, school and cantine.

– Have mobile apps, that comes to handy, and it’s free
– Don’t have nature’s sound, but that’s their purpose from the beginning.


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