I love multitask. I admit. 🙂
But I also want to make things done, and other people want the same thing from me, just like “I don’t care the heck you were doing with your work, you multitasked or you used cracked software of you stole from other people”, just show them the result, that’s all. Then, I have some conclusions for my work, and everything else in life.

1. Focus only on one thing at one time. Even that shit is easy. ☻
2. Turn off your phone. If facebook+twitter help you gain money, don’t turn it off, if not, forget it. Online relationship is like bubble, suddenly appears, suddenly disappears.
3. Use tool to help you. We are usually not strict enough with ourselves, then, using tool to help us focus is very important. One tool you should consider is the poromodo method, which helps us work in 25-minute period and small rest of 5 minutes between them. It might boost your productivity.
4. Balance with your life and your work: working all the time is for people who are not smart, you work hard, not work all the time. And to balance your life, some music, some doodles, some chatting with someone you want to be with are always the best things to do.
5. Enough sleep: I don’t know why western people don’t take a nap at noon. For me that’s essential, only 10-20 minutes napping can give me great source of energy for the afternoon, also, give me a calm mind but still very creative, I still take coffee during work, and to think about this, if you don’t take enough sleep, then coffee will be used to keep you awake instead of keeping you creative, so if you’re awake from your nap, coffee is used for creativity, that’s a good thing.
6. Use both brains: think with your left brain and be creative with you right brain, all people know that, but sometimes it’s fun to do the difference: draw what you think and think about what you draw, by forcing the brain like that, you will not die like an idiot.

And last but not least, keep doing what you love.


Comments on: "Focus when doing something" (1)

  1. Concentration is necessary when you do something, but I still love multitask 😀 agree with you that “work hard” should always accompany with “work smart” :->


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