Are you having a good job? If not, what will you do? Have you ever made a dicision of resignation in your life? If you are seeking for a new job, do you think that you are a professional job-hunter? Yes, you may be. However, are you confident that you are a professional resigning employee? Take the followings into significant consideration:

1. Think carefully before making up your mind

I bet that there are many reasons for a person to quit their job. It may be the underpaid income, a slow-paced environment, unfriendly and selfish colleagues, high pressure or not suitable for you, a conservative and incapable boss who cannot set a clear career path for you,… Whatever it is, you always need to evaluate all the pros and cons when you leave.


2. Tell the truth of your resignation

Your boss or colleagues may ask you to stay or want to know the reason. Be sure that you are honest and straightforward. This is for the understanding between each other. If you want to get a higher salary, a promotion or share your works with other colleagues, just raise your voice. The most difficult reason to speak out may be the conflict with your boss. You need to tell them all. The company will appreciate your honesty. If all problems can be solved, you can have a chance to stay and keep working in peace with the deal. If contrary, at least you have given both paties an apparent reason. If your boss is an oppressive dictator, it is finally his/her matter, we have done.


3. Behave maturely with your handover and “ex-colleagues to be”

Do not ever think that everything is done with this job right after you submit your resignation letter. Many employees think that this will be a past relationship anyway, so they do not have to try their best in working or handing over their works to their colleagues. They even change attitude to their boss. They turn all their positive images and contribution into a wrecking ball. Moreover, the worst behavior that most of resigned employees do is talking bad about their old jobs. Nah nah nah, this is really negative.

God is watching us, lol...

God is watching us, lol…

Who knows what will happen in the future! Your new job may be worse and you want to come back; you may want to get help from your ex-colleagues’relationship to find a new job; your boss in the next company may have a close relationship with your ex-boss. Business network is very large, bad things will be spread out and affected to your current career. Therefore, keep a good relationship with all your ex-companies to get well respect from new partners.

All these principles are a considerable note for yourself. Goodluck with your career!


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  1. Yeah! said:

    A very well-written article.
    There are dozens of posts about how to get success in life under a very positive way, but few of them mention how to deny and stop things to change to another. Life tips with the info in this post is completed!


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