I’m a Windows 8 – Ubuntu 12.04 user (all 64 bit).
Sometimes in presentation and scientific report I have to make illustration, and jEdit, GeoGebra and tikz is really slow to please me.
I prefer AutoCAD, that I can do super fast and super beautiful vector drawing and plot them into EPS file, also I can put mathematical equations easily. The nuisance is, AutoCad don’t understand the size, I want to plot only the real pixels not the picture inside a paper, then in spite of the cubic image, it always puts my picture in a paper’s width form. Then I have to crop in Illustrator then embed it into latex.

Fortunately, I read this post: we can do so en inkscape (great free vector software, but not friendly as Illustrator).

Hope I’ll find a way to plot in autocad more efficiently, but the above info is far enough.
Continue working!


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