To begin with, coding on phone or table is not a fun thing to do, virtual keyboard sucks, and come on! Programming on PC is the best thing. But:

Coding on PC, want to work on your phone + tablet as well? Or just love coding? Android serves you with these apps:

1. C4droid: C/C++ IDE (paid)

This app help you write, compile C/C++ code right on your phone.

2. QPython (free)

Run basic Python on your phone, cannot import numpy or scipy, but for common algorithm, this app runs well, can’t complain for a free, no ad program.

3. DroidEdit (paid):

This one is the one I use the most, why? It helps me read my code everywhere, highlight syntax is good, and for a script, space on phone is like Sahara to a cat. I work only with python and sometimes C++, but DroidEdit supports more than you need, remember Notepad++? Remember gEdit?

4. C# Shell (paid)

I discovered this one recently, and I still haven’t used it, but the first impression is the cleanUI (blue color, yay!)

5. MathStudio (paid)

This expensive app is a little hard to use at the beginning, but when you get used to it, it reminds us, somehow, of Matlab and Maple on PC. Try searching on Google, you may find a free apk of this app somewhere to test it before purchase.


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