Well I think at some moments in my life I must find new shit to do, to spice up almost everything, since doing the same jobs everyday is getting boring, although I’ve learned good knowledge and experienced a lot, yet I’m worried when I see a large ocean ahead, while I cannot swim.

But what to do is always a big question, as I tried too many, archived not bad, but think about it, while time is a constant stock, and I devide my life into small parts, it will be collapsed any time, the most fearsome is I cannot predict when, what if it happens when I’m walking, I fall down and I don’t know anything. Booooooooooo.

I saw a lot of doors, I knocked on them, I tried to open, a little, some doors were locked, some doors are easy to be opened with sublime light lies beyond, but I could choose only one, and when I passed that shit, all other doors were closed and disappeared and I cannot stop wondering “Hmm, did I choose the right one?”. Anyway, the time to do my best is now, always now, present time. I still hate what I hated, and the things I love are eliminated one by one, but I always keep some. Just in case I’m collapsed, I believe they will raise me up. (not Viagra pill =))))))))))))))))))))

Ok time for action. I intended to write in French for this post, but English is not a bad choice anyway. (open xpic to view for inspiration LOL)


Reply in English if you want

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