Blogging is fun and educational, I admit. But not like a full battery phone, you can’t just write, everyday, one or two or even more, you must have time to think, to draw conclusion, to find illustration and examples for your blog post, that can cause late publishing in blog posting, yes, what I mean here is a blog of quality, not quantity.


First thing to say, this is my blog, you can say to yours: this is my blog, I do what I want, if you don’t like it, f*ck off, I don’t care.

We can’t be intelligent, smart, creative all the time, so what, this is internet, also, in the real life, we have friends, our own life experience (or melancholy things :p), we have book, that is the material for blogging.

1. Can you draw, even a stick man?


Drawing is fun, and drawing is easy, what is required to draw a stick man? Simple, we don’t need to have a tablet and a pen, we can draw on paper, take the picture, than upload it, you have android phone? Then it’s easy, you can use some scanning apps to scan your drawing, and post! It’s hard to think about more complicated things than those shits! You can’t draw? I know the reason, at stated in [1], who insist on talent, materials… must think again.

2. You know more than one language, sweet!


There are plenty of interesting stories and knowledge that not all people know, and for a better world, we should spread the information, translating them is the simplest things I could imagine: Thoughtcatalog is one of those website, or smashingmagazine [2], or reddit, well just google it. Here is what I meaning: choose the informations you really like, translate it into another language, mainly the language of your blog (we call that reblog), write it with correct grammar and precise idea, voilà.

3. You have pictures, I have job for you.


Not drawing but rather photos taken by your phone or even an expensive luxury camera (I don’t care about your equipment, I like your photo, no matter what you use to take it, I love it, that’s all). First you can upload what you want, your blog, your life. When you’re familiar with it, be more specific, upload into categories, if you like you can join some communities to have inspiration, critics, friends… (500px, 1px, deviantart…)

4. Books review, a lovely thing to do.


I love reading book, it makes me feel smarter when I write something or talking to people, and when we read a lot, we’re wiser, and when we’re wiser, we should note them down, our knowledge, so, reviewing is definitely what I’m talking about. What we need: a book cover (internet yoo hoo), content is in your mind, review is in your mind, so let it flow!

5. Write with someone else

This is what I always want to do, your blog has it own style, but a mixing style is sometimes a good “breeze” for the reader and even the writer, and the fresh air is usually a good boost for productivity and creativity, you admire each other, and you contribute, make some things together, that’s one of the best things in life, and it’s totally free.

[2]: &


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