I think there will be a lot of people thinking why I always upload lame drawings, stupid words (but still funny) in my facebook page, in my blog, instead of some stuff like ‘share and care’, music video (recently I’ve shared a lot of them though), just because I want to make it original, at least I’m doing on my own and I’m not copying. And by making stuff (even though they are suck or not), people who understand will find the true me, and that we can become real friends. Friends are people, that understand each other, insult each other but also to make each other better or worse (I prefer making it worse), not the shallow words.

Doing stuff that make me happy is the core of what I’m doing, I’m a researcher, but also I’m  an artist, a singer, a music composer, an architect, a designer, a photographer, am I exaggerating? No, because I’m keeping those to myself, I’m not saying to others as if I’m doing those things, I show them the results, and I even don’t care what they say or criticize; if people love them, they should stay and enjoy, otherwise they leave, that’s how life supposes to be.

And shit, the holidays are over, now back to lab with people and deadlines that makes me sick (I still worked the whole holidays though), but unless we do some things, we’ll never achieve the smallest trophy. New campaigns are waiting for me to conquer, and this year I’m calling myself the conqueror.


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