Sometimes, or many times in the past, I thought, you thought, people thought, that we could walk together for the rest of our life, and it’s true that, until now and in the future, I will still believe that it’s one of the greatest feelings of a human achievement.

But life changes, that’s how it’s supposed to be, it changes, because it’s living, we change, because we’re living. And when someone says to me that “you’re changed”, well I’m not feeling awkward, because by the meaning of that, I’m fucking living. People are unchanged only when they’re dead. Or when they’re not a real entity in this world.

When the relation between someone and you is broken, the regret is uneasy to carry, you’re sad, you want to do something but you can’t, you want to kill someone. Your brain is washed, your heart is shot, and the muscle is disappeared (rape time >:]), but again, that’s life and I understand.

Recently I read some books about relationship and the precious things in our life, they said to me that when sth is broken, it can’t be undone, that’s why, I will NOT be reckless again, saying sorry might be a good thing, but duct tape is duct tape, the crack inside is still there and it can’t be fixed, so you’d better care about them a lot, I mean a LOT. The distance has many meanings, one of them is the feeling of being so so so far away, even he/she is right next beside you.

To a lot of people out there “You’re just somebody that I used to know”


Comments on: "Somebody that I used to know" (2)

  1. Ngọc said:

    have passed by and be soothed!


    • Yeah! said:

      Well it’s normal, everybody has that feeling, no exceptional case. The way they continue doing with their life is more important and more interesting 🙂


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