Reverse to those old “pictures”:

See this and that, they appear to be only font and typo. I hate that.

But it’s strange to have such flow with different phases.

It’s not logic, ce n’est pas logique.

This time I remember, and another, it’s probably you (sometimes I hope).

And those figures wander in my dreams many times, from long time ago, to just yesterday.

That on this place’s floor, bare foot, and stone. It’s me but not you who bears the weight.

And next morning, next decade, next century… those will loosen. That’s never what I expected.

But I must accept. The present is wonderful, and try the best to keep it.

I know I may ruin sometimes, in the end, that’s my fault, always.

And no one gives a shit.

In the corner, only me can hear my inside struggles, from time to time. Pitiful, science must be concise and exact. Who is worse but know how to learn the lesson. Improve your works, and improve myself, and I am blamed.

Life is different.

Pacman and Duck Hunt.

ps: This is what I imagined for the next PS project.


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