Font is a beautiful thing.

To install a font, you must open it with a font viewer and click the Install button in that opened window. The problem is, when you have too much fonts and you want to install all of them in one click, it would be a big nuisance.

In Ubuntu (i use Ubuntu 12.04 LTS), we can do this trick:

Method 1:

For TTF (truetype font), we can copy all of those fonts and put them in this folder:



Method 2: Would be the same as above you can say, but this time we do it terminally 😀

In the home folder, create a hidden folder and copy all fonts there

gksu nautilus /usr/share/fonts/truetype

Then copy.

For method 1, if there isn’t the folder there, you can create it.

In window, just batch choosing the fonts and then right click –> install.

Windows sometimes makes me breath more easily. 🙂

Further reading: The difference between TrueType, OpenType and PS font

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