Just received the “cahier de laboratoire” of my lab, it’s been a long long time time that I touch a notebook, even a pen to write on it. The weird feeling runs inside my head when I see my own hand writing.

Just like a blocked vessel being cut through, right now it’s a great stream that full of new ideas and peace of mind, I decided not to look too much at PS and Photography for people, just for my own sake. And I believe I’m true. It’s not like if I make people happy, they will do the same to me, that’s not how life treats me. First think for myself, then think for others later. That leads to “talking to myself” and realized a lot of things.

I still do some really bad stuffs for my health just to slow down some lust, but it’s not as good as before, the physical sentiment is still attacking me, but also there’s pain inside, people should know pain, and that worths at some points. For the inner self and the fake conversation.


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