I must think carefully about me, about my behavior, about my treating. I feel ashame of myself totally.

I found that all I think and do is only for myself, I don’t think much about you enough, I don’t care much about your feelings, and I often hurt you. That’s totally ashamed and unacceptable. As a man, [I’m not sure I’m a man or half a man (enough?)] but I must improve myself to be the best as I can for you, not to hurt you, bring you only the happiness and peace.

I’m the one who is selfish, you are the one who always try to satisfy me, to make me happy and care for me, but I usually make you upset, how bad I am! It’s you who did and are doing all the awesome things for me, but me, look at me, I did nothing for you…

Now I sorry for all the bad things that I did to you, all the things that I said to you. I was cruel. I must be happy that the work you’re doing is making you happy, you feel easy when deal with it, I must accept that people who are kind to you are just kind, as I worry too much. Can’t say anymore…

But last thing for today, I always stand beside you.


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  1. You’re so silly to say sorry for those things. I always know all the things that you have done or said to me are just because you love me and are worried for me. Please don’t blame yourself on such unreal things from your thoughts. I love you so much >:D<


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