A song

I intended to post this in VietNamese, but the Unikey is turned off, then I would try my best to express in English then.
People often try to pour all their emotion into a song and can easily think that all things will be OK. No, it’s not that.
But I’m myself once again doing that thing, listen to old songs. Those old rock song and the album of Blunts aswell. Not hard to find out what the mood is.
These last days I did wrong things, no, not these days, seems like these last years, then I must repay, I am a victim of a dark force, and that dark force is created by all things I have done, so I don’t blame anyone. And I can see that there’s no mercy on this earth, me too, I will not give any mercy to one who is like me.
The end of the world created by the brain which was bad organised, what an idea! Hat tip for those who invented that theory.


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