Dual monitor means you have extra workplace for your computer, more clear, when working, I’ve have just look to the beside screen in stead of switching windows from, example, AutoCad and Word.

It sounds tempting.

But does it have any weakpoint, will it be abused?

I looked for reviews. Most of them say that they’re working on a dual screen system, but there is also a few ideas mention about the wasting time situation, if you’re pay too much attention on web, such as Twitter or Facebook, and I’m often do that. Not those sites, but wordpress and yahoo. And as I mentioned aboved: Autocad and word, it looks like I love working, but there’re also PS, Firefox, and much more.

Aiiz, thinking.


Comments on: "Think about dual monitor for workplace?" (3)

  1. linkgreencold said:

    Using dual monitor now, not get used to it yet, but it could be a fun way to work, luckily I have two monitor with the same vertical pixel.


  2. It wastes electricity :)) anw, as long as it helps u work more effectively, just keep doing :*


  3. linkgreencold said:

    đang xài nó này, đã lắm, làm việc rộng hơn, thế mà trước giờ hông biết :D:D


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