A piteous man

At the corner of my street tonight there was a man sitting quietly.

My elder bother and sister have just got home and seen him on the way home. People in my hamlet give him food and change.

Here is his story (about which I was told):

He comes from Dakto (a small suburban district of KonTum). He came to HCM to work as an assistant for his boss, but the boss treated him badly, she didn’t pay him any money. Thus, he left the workplace, but he was helpless. He talked that he came here to work thanks to his bosses (they came there, Kontum, to bring him to HCM), and now he has nothing, at least few bucks to come back home.

When we ask him how long he has been here, at the corner of the street, he said 4 days. How could he survive such 4 days? That’s because of the food that they threw away as garbage near the grocery. While listening to him, a woman supply him with more food, he said he’s already full because of those kinds of food, poor him.

My sister and brother and some people there give him money, unfortunately they don’t have much, but little by little, maybe that’s enough for him to continue his living and have a ticket to get back home.

I wish he could get back to his hometown safely and begin his own life again soon. God, he’s just 23 years old.

Comments on: "A piteous man" (1)

  1. How piteous he is 😦 damn the bitch boss X-(
    Hope he could get back to his hometown soon.


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