Boring day – that’s what I felt 😀

I’ve got fed up with those faked-faces, fed up with seeing them everyday, fed up with talking and working with them every day, especially her. Does she change or I haven’t realized that for such a long time? Or it’s because I’m so aggressive and always eager to win?  Not any serious or specific matters are caused, but the way she behaved just made me sick. And he, she, that he, and that she… God, it drives me crazy!

Heute habe ich einen Test gemacht. And I was really upset with the girl beside me. How annoying she is! Just thought about the result and nearly wanted to shout at her. It hurts my pride… Anyway, I should have been studied harder so that I could finish it faster. The feeling of disappointment made me wanna do something, and I did it. Then I felt better to think about them, and think about you.

End up the day causing an argument with mom for my lil’ bro. What a crazy day!

Bon week-end ^^


Comments on: "What made my day today?" (1)

  1. linkgreencold said:

    Wanna share with you the weight of this world >:D<


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