After a long struggle between satisfying FBker and/or the government, all ISPs of VietNam had blocked all domestic connections to that giant network, that means there’s no more sucking status updates, no more amateur English philosophies, there no more really-bad showcases and no more evils.

My farewell to FB is 3 months old, and now I realize that life is really better without those complicated stuffs. and it’s kinda fun when you, Social Mania’s victim, cannot do things you’d get addicted, you’re really wasting your time, annoy others (including me). Now there is the STOP.

Congratulation, shameful ISP, poor FB fan and all concerned.

Life is really beautiful, and God is always fair.


Comments on: "Haha, Vietnamese ISPs make FB becomes a real suck :))" (2)

  1. Huh? I still can log in :-?? When will it be blocked?


  2. linkgreencold said:

    So? :)) so only Viettel :”> (I saw that all people complain about that, including non-viettel)
    anyway, i’m not concerned.
    PS: real genius, you. :))


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