I like Maths, that’s the truth. I like doing scientific work like calculating and modeling. So I keep studying about Geometry and Arithmetic. Besides Maths, high graduated grade Physics (especially Mechanics) and basic Chemistry are good to learn from.
I love design, I love creating things which were creative and beautiful, colorful and nice. I learn Photoshop, Illustrator (I know it a little bit now), maybe Corel in the future (for sure, but time not defined), as much as possible. I love CAD program like AutoCad, it’s essential for my works at college, creating plot, drawing vector and calculating properties of an object … I buy some pieces of pencil and trying to sketch when I have time.
I love languages, I still have many points to come to: English Certification, French, and I am turning back to German, which is being learned by my beloved. There MUST be: Toefl, Ielt and B2 Certification. I wish I could know a little about Russian and Japanese (to understand Hentai manga? haha) to read all the lovely and interesting content of culture, sciences and arts.
And one more thing, modeling and creating mechanic object to calculate and break brain in to pieces, I will learn well the theory and starting practice at all SCI and Autodesk Robot Structure.
And reading books.
There’s not much, I try my best to get as high score as possible at my college, study more and more, just for … fun :D:D I don’t want to be a loser.


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