What do you think if you have a sister autoritaire? What do you think if you have a mother old style? It must be an usual thought of a teenager. But I’m not a teenager, I don’t think like a teenager, I take responsable for my thoughts and acts. And what if, you have to contrary ideas fighting in your mind: what to demand from a true “happy destination”?
I hate that, although those women are really good most of the time, they show me that they have love for their sons and lil’ brothers, I know I need them, but I still want to be alone. What’s for? That’s good question to ask, it’s just my style, and I don’t need to explain to anyone, I mean NOONE.
Why do I have the emotion like this? Maybe I’m letting things too late to do: homework, project, the boring future, the hatred of the siblings, the normal needs of a adolescent: bad mind and all-day-thinking-of-sex, but there’re still science, software, techniques and thousands skills I wanna be trained. Is there cute girl at the dance class? Yes, but I don’t care about them, actually, I feel they’re a little ugly and over-free (learn to many dance step from too many class, their looks if normal and so on). Guys I met there are normal too, they study at the universiry I have never heard, they wear like urban, but I still find what’s good inside of them, maybe little.
Life is not as easy, you’re easily scared by the things you’ve not archived. I get used to the same advices, non sense : “you must try hard” …
Cooking is not easy, even if it just an mikrowave.


Comments on: "Which kind of emotion is this?" (1)

  1. I agree that we take responsibility for our thoughts and acts, and one more important thing is that we have the right to live our own lives, make our own decisions 🙂
    I also wanna share many more things but today seems to be a long day to you, so I just wanna blow away your sorrows now because I don’t want u to carry the weight of the heavy world alone >:D<


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