Thought that I’m always going the wrong way: learn the wrong school, do the wrong problem, follow the unreal tour and race the wrong track.
But the critic is wrong, so all of them turn into right.
I don’t know, I learn English quite well for 7 years, but now I can’t use English fluently, and instead of continue, I turn into French, and now my French level is about normal, not enough for study and work.
I intend to do many many things, but they’re kinds of beginning and no more, sometimes in life I realize the all I’ve done is continue showing out my plan, just showing.
Anyway, at the moment I’m very happy with my life, although I have to learn the saddest field of my study, some troubles in life,… but I enjoy it, nothing is perfect, that’s why I love playing around.


Comments on: "Am I going right way?" (2)

  1. You thought that you’re always going the wrong way but I think that you always make it right on your way no matter what that way is 😀
    Let me analyze your opinions in the below positive sides:
    – You turned into other new subjects or hobbies because you got fed up with the old ones and wanna find new aspirations and challenges, I think this is effective for your creativity development :p
    – You wanna master so many things rashly, so you can easily be buried with the pressure from yourself. Why don’t you think in this way: (let me make an example)
    e.g: + Other people learn something and start another things after they master the first one. Let’s assume that the time for first thing is 1 year and for the second one is 1 more year, then they got 2 years in total to master those 2 fields.
    + With you, you learn something at the same time, but just after half of the year, you feel bored (man, you easily get bored more than others) :)) and you turn into other hobbies, then you get on this way for another half-of-year :D:D After 1 year, you know more things than others, and you still have 1 more year to catch up with them [not yet including that you can make it out faster than others] :->
    No matter what you follow, I’m always by your side >:D<


  2. linkgreencold said:

    That’s why I luv you 😀 nice logic and positive argument.


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