Well, we all go the right way (if not, you’re not here to read these lines), but are you sure ’bout the words ‘right way’?
I’m trying to test a more balance life, all of what I mean is seek for all activities to join, not caring about my level about the field I gonna join, just jump in, even you might lose, but you’ll always get somethings after all.
People like us have 7 kinds of intelligence. The clearer content you must find out by yourselves, I just drop a notice that, none of us is dunce, maybe we or others feel that, but the fact is you haven’t found your talent yet. We’re concealed in the old trend of knowledge that we must go to school to learn ’bout Maths or kind of, we must get certification of second language, and a lot more. But there’re still huge of things we must notice: the ralationships with our partners, friends, professors,even our subordinates. The second point, the soul-life: the music, social knowledges, basic politic rules, sports etc.., what’re there uses? To hold conversation, to work better, to lubricate your life, to lighten up the darkside of us, and enjoy the life better.
Yes, don’t be so close, but don’t be so open, get balance.


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