Young man who knows about Net and have little experiences (like me) always love to create a place (forum, blog etc..) which attracts thousands of people to join, to play with and to be admired.
To create a place, is it easy, it’s very easy, find yourself a free stuff like IF or Zeta, start posting something you like, or pay some fee to own a strong system and maintain it yourself, all of them depend on your choice.
The problem is we can keep that hobby for long, because as a minority, we change our mind day after day. We learn more, we like more, and obvious this can surpass the others, and we feel lazy and boring to maintain the interesting old stuffs (once). We must define that, we can only create one when you’re sure about your passion, your needs, otherwise, we lose time, a precious thing.
Well, the only one thing that people often (always?) like to discuss is self-talking. Yes, since we must live with ourself, we must talk about it, whether you like it or not, you can make your blog a diary, a place to collect useless tool, to lament about our bad luck. Yet we lose time, but not totally, we gain something when doing that, and what is that? You must find it yourself.
Return to the main topic: should we use time to create all of which I listed? Yes, surely we are, but let’s attach special importance on quality, not quantity. Finding a partner you can trust, choose the main stream to dive and swim to the end, prepare for loss, and go steadily on you own way.


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