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Layout of a website is very important and needs some extra hard work to bring just the right look and feel of it. There is different website layouts for different types of websites i.e a games website and social networking website both have different layouts.

Following tutorial will help you realize what are the basic requirements that are to be fulfilled in web designing and how you can design a unique self-defined layout.

Conduct a layout design requirements analysis before you actually design the layout. This will ensure that you create a website look and feel that not only looks good but hits the mark.

1. Do you have a logo ready? If not, this is a priority as the site style and colors will have to blend with the logo.
2. Do you have a byline ready?
3. What do you want the site to communicate?
4. What do you want a visitor to do on the site? List the sequence of events you would like the visitor to go through.
5. How will you define the success of the site?
6. Who is your target audience?
7. What kind of colors would your target audience like?
8. What kind of graphic style would your target audience like?
9. Are there any competitor sites that you would like to use as a benchmark? What are they doing well on their site?
10. Are there any sites that have a look and feel that is attractive to your target audience? List them.
11. Based on the above criteria have you selected any graphics you would like to use? This is an important step as the layout colors may need to blend with the graphics.
12. Have you got the site plan ready? What will be the main menu and sub menu items?
13. What should be highlighted throughout the site and on the homepage in particular?
14. Will there be a site search? If so, what are the fields and how much space will it occupy?
15. Will there be a newsletter signup or login? Will these fields appear on all pages?
16. Will you have advertising on the site, if so is there a specified area and size to be allocated for this?



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  1. Hi – many thanks for this informational piece. Please accept this, my English is a second language to me. Spanish is my first language but I am learning getting down English. Thank you again!


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