Asian in common and japan in particulier is always fun to discover, especially Japan, from it, you can know the art of making tea (Tao of Tea making), paper folding (Origami), the mind of a sodier (Samurai), the cute comics (manga) and so on…

Firstly, I want to talk about Origami. This could be the easiest hobby to follow when you love japanese culture. You don’t have to find many things to participate: just a paper and your hand, sometimes you must find scissors or glue to complete tasks (but it’s still simple!). The art of Origami is to make things (objects, animals..) from folding the paper into different forms. The achievements of this activities can be used in decoration, showcase of killing time (but it promotes your memory and your skills). Wanna talk more about Origami, history? how-to? I’ll mention it later.

Next one I wanna talk is Manga. This activity need a bit of talent and passion, you reallize your imagination with your pen and paper, you can create characters, make them do things following your arrangement, that you’re making a serie of manga, a kind of comic, and it’s famous in our time. Manga refers mostly to drawing and coloring, to master it, you must practice day-after-day, read book, imagine always and breaking the edge of creativity. Working with pencils and eraser, seeing colors dancing.. that sounds exciting. And the fact that everybody consider this as a noticeable job, that bring balance to stressful life if japanese people. And kids in Japan often have talent of drawing and sketching.

There’re still many things to talk, I’ll make them later, I just want to make a start point here. After a long time learning many languages, I found that learning other cultures is a beautiful way to widen minds, discuss more interesting, more knowledge, more fun.


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